Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Madicken's Box, Natasja

Madicken's Box


about this piece.
Natasja talks about this piece, "In my home, I have a white shelf only for my daughter. It changes all the time, as I find new things to put up, that remind me of her. It has frames with pictures of Madicken, her "Life certificate", her butterfly from Bree (Ella's mom), her angel wings from Lea (Nicholas' mom), angel figurines and a few dried flowers from her funeral. Everything on the shelf is centered around her memory box. It took me weeks to find the perfect wooden box, and 4 days to paint it (being the perfectionist, I am, things like that, take time). In the box, I keep Madickens clothes, her hand & foot prints, her photos, her teddybear, identical to the teddybear that went with her to heaven. Everything she touched and every piece of paper that has her name on it, is in the memory box. When I miss my daughter the most, I open it, go through each item, look at them and feel them, and try to remember how it felt to touch her, the smell of her skin, and the feeling of her tiny fingers around mine. It's the closest I can get to Madicken."

about the artist.
Natasja lives in Denmark. She lost her daughter, Madicken, August 2, 2009. She died due to blood clots in her placenta, and was born still at 25 weeks gestation.


  1. This is a beautiful memory box. Absolutely lovely, and so much love poured into it. I'm so glad you shared.

  2. This is so beautifully made, Natasja. Your effort is a great tribute to Madicken.

  3. What a beautiful box, Natasja. Your description of the creative process and how you relate with Madicken through the box and its contents was so touching. xo


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