Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Grief is Forever/Love is Forever, Janis Tan.


Grief is Forever/Love is Forever.
Janis Tan.
Graphic design.


about the piece.
Janis describes this piece, "As I went about my hectic day I reminded myself that I need to remind myself to do the June Challenge before we leave for our camping trip. I noticed that instead of thinking 'Must do the Grief is forever picture', I said to myself, 'Must do that Love is forever thing.'

"And so it is. The same thing. Grief is forever, and so is love, because one does not exist without the other. The intensity of grief may fluctuate, but love is always there. So I decided to create another picture that alternates the sentences 'Grief is forever' and 'Love is forever', in the never-ending infinity symbol. For me this symbol is also two tears joined."

about the contributor.
Janis Tan writes on Ferdinand's Gifts. She is still trying to put together the puzzle of her life after her son Ferdinand died, but there is always a missing piece.


  1. True and I love your interpretation of the infinity symbol Janis.

  2. Those are very intertwined..the grief and the love. Lovely Janis.


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