Friday, June 11, 2010

Dawn, slh

by slh

The light danced on the bed-
beyond my closed eyelids
rays of morning came shining

a heavy sigh escapes these lips-
that would rather have kissed
than dealt with this breath

the light casts shadows knowingly
dark and secretive
in the corners of my heart

like the cry that never came-
the breath never drawn-
the shadows on the blanket folds

of her burial ground-
upon my warm
deflated womb


about the piece.
In slh's words, "The poem 'Dawn' came to me sometime after my second miscarriage, I believe. It was a molding of how I felt about my loss, and my imaginings of how it might have been for my sister sometime after her stillbirth. I was trying to capture more of the quiet sadness, the despondency and numbness of loss."

about the poet.
After the stillbirth of her niece, and dealing with her own infertility and subsequent recurrent miscarriages, slh began using various mediums to work through her grief. In Stephanie's own words:
“Painting, drawing, and writing have all helped me so much. Not only by creating myself, but by viewing another person's piece and being able to connect.”

To read more about slh, aka Another Dreamer, and her journey, visit her blog at An Unwanted Path.


  1. Very evocative. You paint such clear pictures with your words.

  2. I think you are wonderful, slh. Especially love the last two parts of the poem...

    How much can a person wait for a specific cry?

  3. written with such emotion. beautiful.


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