Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ann's Tree of Joy, Natasja


Ann's Tree of Joy.


about the piece.
In Natasja's words, "Through the loss of my own daughter, I have found a very good friend in another babylost mother, a wonderful woman named Ann. I painted this piece as a gift for her. She and her husband lost their only children, Sille & Oliver, a gorgeous set of twins. Because of Ann's cervical incompetence, their precious babies were born to early, and to small to live. Sille lived for an hour, and Oliver lived for four hours. They both passed in the arms of their loving mother, and with the presence and love of their father. I wanted to do something special for Ann, and since I've been painting a lot after I lost my daughter, I decided to do a painting.

"Ann loves butterflies, she says they bring her joy. I painted a tree that grows butterflies, so she will never run out of joy. With all the other butterflies, is a little pink one and a little blue one. They, of course, symbolize her beloved babies. They needed to be a part of this painting, because they gave their mommy so much joy, when she carried them.

"If joy grew on trees, I think this it what the tree would look like."

about the artist.

Natasja lives in Denmark. She lost her daughter, Madicken, August 2, 2009. She died due to blood clots in her placenta, and was born still at 25 weeks gestation.


  1. That is beautiful. What a wonderful and loving gift to give someone. xx

  2. Beautiful gift and so meaningful.

  3. I love it. It's absolutely beautiful, and so sweet.

  4. I love this. So many of the pieces here speak so beautifully of sorrow- this one speaks so beautifully of joy and hope.

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  6. Stunning. And such a beautiful story. x


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