Thursday, May 13, 2010

Untitled, Jill

Glass Paint on Acetate.


about the piece.
Jill describes her piece, "Like many of us, I love to hear my baby's name and I love to see it written - a way of holding her in this world from which she's gone. I've used bold primary colours which vie with the translucence of the paint - substance versus the ethereal."

about the artist.
Jill's third child (her second daughter), Emma, died during labour at 40 weeks on 14th October 2008. Jill is awaiting the arrival of our fourth child within the next few weeks. She blogs about my beautiful girl and my journey without her at Only a Whisper.


  1. SO pretty, Jill. I love the bold colours.

  2. Love this, Jill. Like a tear drop for Emma. One of a million I'm sure you've cried.


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