Thursday, May 6, 2010

Touching Hope, Sally

Touching Hope.


about the piece.
Sally describes the photograph, "This is a picture I took just a few weeks after I had Hope. Not long after she was born, I had my favourite photo of her made in to a canvas print for my wall and when it first arrived, I couldn't stop touching it. I was like that with all photos of Hope initially. I would just run my fingers over them and try to remember running my fingers over her soft, cool face. Especially my lap top screen, which I had a photo of her as my screensaver on.

"It seemed so pathetic and sad to be touching photos, touching my laptop screen, touching a canvas print to try and remember how it felt to touch her, but that was all I had and all I still have. Just one of my many, slightly crazy, grief behaviours that only other grieving mothers and fathers will ever understand. I guess it is like sniffing their clothes and blankets, trying to still drink them in when the smell has clearly already long faded.

"I guess I just thought for a website that is for and about dead babies, we don't always see a lot of the dead babies themselves. So this is my photo, Touching Hope."

about the contributor.
Sally is a mother to her lost daughter Hope, stillborn at 40 weeks and 5 days in August 2008 and her brand new son Angus, born alive and screaming in November 2009. She maintains the blog Tuesday's Hope.


  1. It's beautiful Sal. Love you much, suz xxx

  2. Lovely picture of sweet little hope, touched by her mama. Love it. xo

  3. I remember touching Liam's face through his photo, his lips, his hands, his feet - but all were just paper images of my boy. I would kiss him through the cold glass.... so sad I would never know the feeling of kissing sweet babies warm face. Oh, I miss him.

    This is a lovely photo of Hope, thanks for sharing.

  4. She is such a beautiful girl, Sally. Love this photo.

  5. It's beautiful Sal. Just beautiful. xx

  6. The photo itself is so powerful, and then reading your explanation just clarifies my initial feelings on looking at you touching Hope.
    So sad, but I think only we babylost can understand. x

  7. It's a beautiful picture of Hope!!

  8. Been there... still there some days. Gorgeous photo.

  9. Thank you, Angie.
    Thank you, everyone.



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