Saturday, May 22, 2010

Mother's Day Tulip, Melissa.


Mother's Day Tulip.


about the piece.
Melissa talks about her piece, "In celebration of both International Babylost Mother's Day and traditional Mother's Day I added these words to a photo of mine that I took on a particularly sad morning for for me. I had just done errands and bought these flowers - they were sitting on the passenger side of the car. After very bad trigger, I was left crying and trying to hold it together and get ready to take my living son to music class. While waiting out my tears in a far corner of the parking lot, I noticed how the light was hitting these tulips sitting in the front seat. I took some photos and immediately saw how beautiful they turned out and it made me feel a lot better. I saw this definition of a mother on a sticker and I thought they needed to go together."

about the contributor.
Melissa describes her journey, "I am the mother of two sons, one two year old little boy and one angel, Jack. Jack came into the world quickly and with little warning at 25 weeks. He sustained massive brain injuries during delivery that worsened over his short two week life. He passed away in our arms on November 20, 2009." Melissa blogs at Raindrops.


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