Friday, May 21, 2010

Among the Stars, Kim

Among the Stars.
Oil Pastels.


about the piece.
Kim describes this piece, "I love the tactile aspect of art, especially the energy created by smearing oil pastels into one another.  When I created this piece, I was searching for Bridget—thinking perhaps she was among the stars or in another dimension.  I loved the effect of the white star over an otherwise complete piece."

about the artist.
In 2009, Kim’s 16-month old daughter and only child, Bridget, died from complications related to a genetically inherited kidney disease. Kim participates in a local art therapy program for the bereaved and has discovered art as a way to better understand herself, make peace with her grief, and spend time with her daughter.


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  2. this is wonderful kim, i love working with oil pastels also , i'm so sorry that you daughter died xxx anne

  3. Very beautiful, so full of energy and yet stillness.

  4. The stars mean a lot to me in relation to my Lyra. A very dynamic piece. Thank you for sharing.


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