Friday, April 30, 2010

Locket, Jess

Acrylic on sketch pad. 


about this piece.
Jess explains this piece, "This is a painting of a jet Victorian mourning locket I wear which contains some of Iris' ashes. The initials AEI stand for Amity, Eternity, Infinity."

about the contributor.
Jess lives in Birmingham, United Kingdom, with her husband David and children Ava and Moe. Jess' second daughter Iris was stillborn May 2008. For work, Jess creates and facilitates drama-based communication and cultural programmes for large organisations. She also owns a family business with her husband: an artisan cheese shop and deli called Capeling and Co. She maintains a blog called After Iris. Jess has begun a blog, After Iris Reads Aloud, where she makes voice recordings of a favorite poem or meaningful piece of writing in the memory of a loved one. 


  1. I love your style. I also didn't know about Victorian mourning jewelry (I've done some looking around the internets now). It's a lovely way to remember...and a very beautiful locket.


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