Thursday, March 4, 2010

Fearfully Made, Liz Paparella

Fearfully Made. 
Liz Paparella.
Pencil and watercolor.


about the piece.
This piece called "Fearfully Made" is done in pencil and watercolor.

about the artist.
Liz Paparella's daughter Aquila died due to a placental abruption in labor. Her birth/death day was December 19, 2009.  As Liz says, "I have been using various media to express my grief since her death." Liz maintains the blog Paparella Brood.


  1. I love the colors and the details here, as if the color itself weeps with the figure. Very beautiful, and very powerful.

  2. Beautiful picture and yes the colours too

    I think the face of you and Aquila are beautiful too. Very moving.

    I love the verse too. Their is a song by Matt Redman called "Fearfully and wonderfully made" written after their daughter was born alive following 3 losses. It has his daughter's heartbeat from the ultrasound at the start.

    Thanks for sharing

  3. So beautiful and sad. It's a very moving piece. I too have a similar drawing I did not long ago of myself holding my daughter in that exact post birth pose. Sorrow and joy all rolled into one too brief moment.

  4. The emotion spills from this piece of art. The deep sadness and questioning in your face is so clear. ... as well as the love and longing you feel for your daughter Aquila. The colors behind and the lack of color of the two of you give the impression of time standing still, just as it feels in reality when we lose our child. Beautiful artwork.

  5. It's a tangle of emotions - the hard work of birthing, and finally holding her and yet the anguish of losing her and longing for everything to be as it should be. Very engaging.


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