Sunday, February 28, 2010

Thomas' Scrapbook, Julie Cozens

Thomas' Scrapbook.
Julie Cozens
Digital Media.

about the piece.
In Julie's words, "This is a digital scrapbook page that I originally published on Scrapblog. I took this picture when Thomas was about 100 days old. I love the way his little fingers are stretched out. They seem perfect for butterflies to rest on, so that is the idea I started with and it just grew until he turned into a butterfly himself. I am very happy with how this picture turned out, it always makes me smile."

about the contributor.
Julie Cozen's son Thomas was born in October 2007. In Julie's words, "I was 42 years old, I was already the Mum of three children, aged 11, 21 and 23. He was born with many health challenges and needed surgery to save his life. He was just not well enough to survive the surgery. Thomas died aged 135 days old in February 2008. I am trying to live around my broken heart."

Remembering Thomas and thinking of Julie and her family on the second anniversary of his death.


  1. Beautiful. The butterfly resting on his little finger is perfect.

  2. Julie, this picture made me smile too. Thinking of you in this anniversary time—two years is such a long and short time all in one.

  3. Very beautiful. It made me smile too.


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