Sunday, February 28, 2010

Submissions, sappiness and traveling journal reminder

I have been so massively impressed with all the amazing work that comes into my still life inbox--from challenges and community poetry lines to the art and craft. The ways people have chosen to express this experience of grief and loss has been amazing. Still Life 365 has published paintings, music, poetry read aloud, cooking, photographs, mosaics, pysanky, jewelry, sewing projects. Thank you for sharing your work and your children and your grief. I often am moved to tears when I read your stories, see your artwork, pull together your biography or read your gorgeous words. And I am always touched that you choose to share your work. This project has been more powerful than I could have ever imagined. Thank you. I hope y'all get as much out of it as I do. I do think sharing artwork about our losses helps to not only feel connected, but to look at our grief and loss through a new lens.

I am again putting out the call for submissions, because I can see the end, and while it isn't this week, I am also planning for a few weeks in advance, you know, just in case. So please please please consider putting yourself out here. I think you'll find this community and the reception to be warm, loving, kind and accepting. Some people have chosen to use the call for submissions as a creative fire. Others use it to dust off old work and revisit it. Whatever you choose, please consider submitting something to still life 365. I connect with so much of what is presented here, and I know others do too. I wish I could share the things people say in email, which choke me up and make me feel that this project is really important. You can always share your feelings about still life 365 in the guestbook if you are so inclined.

The deadline for participating in the traveling journal is rapidly approaching. This afternoon, I emailed everyone who expressed interest in the traveling journal project. (More details are in the tab on the header.) If you did NOT receive an email from me, but emailed me with interest, please email me again. (stilllife365days(at)gmail(dot)com). If you are still interested in participating, now is the time to let me know. Email me at the above email address with the words Traveling Journal in the subject line.

I often spend a day just creating submissions and emailing people about their work, so if you submit and haven't heard from me, know that you will. If you haven't and want some response, email me again, and I will email you with a confirmation. Some of the submission guidelines were revised in February--you can find the new guidelines under the header of this blog. Please note that if you email me and ask me if I want your submission, the answer is always yes. I simply do not have the time to email requests for submissions to people, so just send it. I have had to tell people here and there that their work is not a fit for still life 365. That work includes things written, drawn, painted or created by other people for your child. I only accept first person submissions, or combined submissions from spouses. I absolutely loved getting the joint submission a week or so ago, and if you and another babylost friend are inspired to create something together, that is wonderful and encouraged.
I know some of you email with me personally with me on my other email address, or through my other blog still life with circles, but please try to submit still life 365 submissions, challenges, traveling journal information and community poem work to this email address: stilllife365days(at)gmail(dot)com. I am afraid of missing submissions because they are going to a few places and mixed in with other chatty email things. (Hope that makes sense.)

Thank you, and please direct questions in the comment section. If you are wondering, then others might be too. XO

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  1. Well thank you so much for running this site! It is great and a real gift to this community.

    Please, some more of your art too!


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