Thursday, February 11, 2010

Skybox, Skytimes

Mixed Media.


about the piece.
In Skytimes' words, "(Still life 365) already posted what was meant to be Sky's memory-box. Turned out it was a little too small for the footprint-letters and a little too delicate for excessive overuse. Last August, during the built-up to his second birthday, I finally started making his memory-box. I put in everything that is Sky: the two pictures the hospital made, hand- and footprints, consolation cards, photos from the rainbow on his first birthday, my angel-bracelet and a piece of his gravestone. (I asked the mason of he could give me some pieces that would emerge when he shapes the stone). And when I finished the outside of the box and put everything in one after the other, I felt very peaceful."

Materials used:
  • cardboard-carton
  • wooden letters
  • silver and blue decoupage-paper
  •  butterflies from old wrapping paper
  • decoupage-glue
about the artist.
Skytimes is a graphic artist and designer. Her son Sky died on August, 14th, 2007 and was born sleeping 5 days later on August, 19th 2007, at 33 weeks. She maintains a blog at Skytimes.


  1. Great idea, we were given a "memories box" but I think the idea of making one is really good. We love butterflies too.


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