Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Four Seasons, Michael

Four Seasons.


about the piece.
In Michael own words "Beauty is all around us if we only know where to look for it. For me the annual cycle of nature reminds me of the cycle of life and death too. Abigail died in October and before long we were into long nights and short days in more ways than one. The weather was cold and miserable too. And yet, in the year that followed there were many images that capture my imagination speaking of death and decay but also life within trying circumstances and new birth. So it seemed a fitting tribute to Abigail at the year end to capture a collage of the four seasons"

about the contributor.
The seasons are now returning for a second time since Michael's daughter Abigail died in 2008. By his own confession, he was never a particularly creative person but he has found it therapeutic to use poetry and photography to capture beauty from a sense of loss. In his own words "Abigail is every bit as important to me as my living 5 year old son. Whilst I have to be more imaginative in how I celebrate her life and show my love for her, I do not love her any less. Not a day passes when I do not miss her." Michael shares his ongoing story at


  1. Lovely to see how the four seasons look on the other side of the world, and to read about how a daddy processes his grief.

  2. I like that you have captured the character and colour of the seasons so well, each frame has a feeling too.

  3. that is beautiful. Funny - Sophia died as spring began and we are still crawling through a brutally hot summer. I sort of despise summer - for all it was meant to be and wasn't.
    (46 degree celcius heat on Saturday didnt help!)
    But summer makes me sad and angry too. In SA summer is a happy time. A family time. A memory making time. But for us, this summer has been the very opposite.

  4. I'm glad you're sharing your photography with us. It's a good reminder for me to look for the beauty. Thank you.


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