Monday, January 18, 2010

Rose, Tracey

Rose, 2009.

about the photo.
Tracey talks about the photograph:

When we learned of Rose's passing, we opted to return home before we began the induction process. This left us with much time to think, and plan. From the big concerns, to the more trivial, we had so much to consider in those short hours. How could this have happened? What would this experience bring? How would we tell our families? Our oldest daughter, how do we explain this loss to a 2 year old?  So many questions that ran together in those first 12 hours of living our worst nightmare. We hadn't yet settled on her name. What would we name this little babe who we'd never get to bring home with us. Our little sleeping beauty my husband said....Rose, we'll name her Rose.

And in that moment, Rose, a name, a flower....the simple beauty came to symbolize our beautiful girl. A rose is a symbol of love, a symbol of beauty and of strength. Roses with their gorgeous blooms and fragrant aromas, petals opening to the world.

A rose, our Rose.

In the past year, seeking out beauty has been healing for me. Nurturing, carefully protecting, pruning and watching the roses bloom, each one different, each one beautiful. I've taken hundreds of photos of roses this year...and am always amazed by their unique beauty.  A simple flower which keeps us connected to the beauty of our Rose.

This photo was taken in late April. We had just passed the three month mark and I was at a very low point in my grief. This photo was a turning point. A simple bloom, opening to the world, beautiful in its simplicity.  It gave me hope.

So much beauty in spite of so much sadness. 


about the photographer.
Tracey's second daughter, Rose, was stillborn at full term on January 18, 2009. Tracey shares her life with a supportive and loving husband, Cyril, and an active preschooler, Claire.  They are awaiting the arrival of their third daughter in the Spring when roses bloom.

Remembering Rose today on her first birthday.


  1. The Rose is a beautiful flower and a poignant symbol of your daughter. A well crafted picture too!

    Thanks for sharing. Remembering Rose too with you on this day. I hope time is gentle on you as a family.

    Here is a picture of a Rose that I my wife and I placed on the hill we scatted Abigail's ashes on - on her first anniversary weekend.

    Take care

  2. What a beautiful photograph to honor the memory of your little Rose. I love the name Rose, always have.

    Photographing the beauty in nature has been a source of healing for me too. There is so much beauty if our eyes can open to it.

    I hope today is peaceful for you, as you remember and miss your babygirl Rose on this special day.

  3. Such a beautiful reminder of a tragic loss.

  4. Thinking of Rose today.

    That photo is so beautiful, Tracey. x

  5. A beautiful photograph for your daughter, Rose.

    Remembering your little girl with you today Tracey x

  6. oh, so beautiful. The photo, the name, the concept, and the fact that this was posted on her birthday. I will always be reminded of your sweet little Rose when I see roses now.

  7. Beautiful photograph, and thank you for sharing the story of your beloved daughter.

    Remembering Rose today with you(*hugs*)

  8. Thank you all for your kind thoughts, and remembering our sweet girl with us.

    Loving you always my dear Rose...

  9. All my peace and love to you for your precious Rose's birthday.

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful photograph here.



    Thank you Angie x

  10. wow, i love what you wrote tracey- such a beautiful tribute to your little rose. sending you love xo

  11. When I walked into work Monday morning, there on the counter were the most beautifully vibrant pink roses! I had that warm shiver run through me, felt a smile inside, and thought of the story of your Rose. The roses have continued to bloom all week, and they are absolutely beautiful.


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