Sunday, January 3, 2010

Missing You. You Aren't Here. Allison Simpson

Missing You. You Aren't Here. 2008.
Allison Simpson.


about the piece.
Allison painted this watercolor during the spring following the deaths of her twins.

about the artist.
Allison’s twin babies Lennox and Zoë were born 16 weeks early on January 3, 2008, after a premature rupture of Lennox's membrane just before Christmas.  She spent the following two weeks in the hospital, hoping to give them as much time as possible.  Lennox only lived for two days.  Zoë defied every odd, but on her three-week birthday, her heart simply stopped.

Allison tells her story at Our Own Creation and Zoë and Lennox's stories are at Sweet Zoë.

Remembering Zoë and Lennox today on their second birthday.


  1. Heartbreaking and beautiful.
    Remembering Zoë and Lennox today. xo

  2. This is so beautiful, so poignant. Thank you for sharing this painting with us, Allison.

  3. beautiful. remembering Zoe & Lennox.

  4. Beautiful, very strong.

    Remembering Zoe and Lennox.

  5. powerful and beautiful.

    Thank you for sharing, Allison

  6. What a beautiful painting. Remembering them with her.

  7. Allison, Thank you for sharing such a beautiful peice of art work.

    I am so sorry you do not have your precious babes with you.

    Thank you Angie, for your beautiful site here. I am simply in love with it.


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