Saturday, January 16, 2010

Florence's Dress, Jeanette

Florence's Dress. 2009.
Cotton with cotton applique and decorative buttons.


about the piece.
Jeanette designed and made this gown in the days after her daughter died. Jeanette describes the process: "I needed her to have a dress made just for her. I barely remember making it. I was in such a fog of shock and grief, but I know it was healing then, and it helps me now to know that she is wearing that dress, made with so much love by her Mummy."

This dress was originally posted on Jeanette's blog last summer.

about the contributor.
Jeanette, married to Woody, has four living children. She lives near Manchester in the United Kingdom. Florence, her fifth child, was born full term at home with no complications, but collapsed shortly after birth and died six hours later from a massive pulmonary hemorrhage. As Jeanette says, "We are learning to live without her, missing her, and hoping we can bring her rainbow sibling into the world healthy in the summer."

Jeanette sells her creations at Tiddly Bums and blogs at Lazy Seamstress.


  1. Jeanette,

    What a beautiful dress. Thank you for sharing such a precious part of your story.

    I am sorry she is not here with you and your family.


    Thank you Angie x

  2. Jeanette, how very beautiful this dress is.


  3. Florence's dress is so pretty. It is lovely that she has this dress, made just for her by her mummy. x

  4. What a beautiful dress ... and how wonderful to have such skill with which to honour Florence.

  5. Jeanette, what a gorgeous dress. As beautiful as your sweet Florence. Remembering with you always...


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