Saturday, January 9, 2010

Comfort, Jess from After Iris

Jess from After Iris
Watercolor and ink.


about the piece.
In Jess' words, "I drank many, many bottles of red wine in those first weeks after Iris died. I’d touch my cheek and it would feel like someone else’s face sometimes. There was comfort in that. I tried to replicate red wine stains with watercolours then wrote the names of my other comforters around the circles: dead baby mothers, real life friends, family. "

about the artist.
Jess lives in Birmingham, United Kingdom, with her husband David and children Ava and Moe. Jess' second daughter Iris was stillborn May 2008. For work, Jess creates and facilitates drama-based communication and cultural programmes for large organisations. She also owns a family business with her husband: an artisan cheese shop and deli called Capeling and Co. She maintains a blog called After Iris.


  1. really, really excellent, Jess. Just wonderful.


  2. One of my favourite pieces of art from Jess. I love it!

  3. I really like this, it's very moving.

  4. great piece - i love this shameless look at comfort and selfcare. xo

  5. Oh Jess - this is so touching - really love this.

  6. Jess, this is so beautiful. I thought at first maybe it was made from placenta blood. Just touchingly beautiful!

  7. It says so much without overstating.... It's beuatiful, Jess, but haunting really when you know the context. xo


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