Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Jumping Rope, Angie

I really love photography, though I am a terrible photographer, so please excuse the terrible framing of this one. But the other day, as my children were playing outside in the autumn crisp air, Beatrice grabbed the jump rope, tied it to the railing and began twirling. Her imaginary friend was jumping rope with her. As the children stood there watching the imaginary friend, it hit me all at once. If Lucy lived, Beatrice would be jumping with Lucy, and Thor would be watching. There is this space, right there in this picture, where she was just cut out of our lives. In this photograph, there is a little girl shadow in the exact place where she would have been. I don't always see that in my life. This was simply an ordinary moment that made me feel the enormity of what we lost when Lucia died.

about the contributor.

Angie is the editor of still life 365. Her second daughter Lucia was stillborn after 38 weeks of pregnancy on December 22, 2008. She died on winter solstice. She writes about her experience with grief and mothering at still life with circles, shares her art and daily parenting at still life everyday and is a regular contributor to Glow in the Woods. You can read more about Angie in the about the editor section.

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  1. Oh Angie, yes, I see it. An ordinary scene, but so much more to those of us who have lost. x


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