Monday, August 1, 2011

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Traveling Journal.
still life 365 community.
Video of mixed media art journal.


about this piece.
Jess suggested a traveling still life 365 journal. The idea is that one journal moves around the world with art inspired by our grief and our babies as a shared art project. Each participant could pick one or two (or more) 8"x8" pages as a spread or a single page. Any medium that fit into the plastic sleeve was allowed.  The work served as a tribute to our babies, life after loss, healing thoughts, and/or supportive messages--anything that moved each person. The journal pages could either be mixed media, collage, painting, sketching...anything flat of which you can conceive. After each person finished their piece, it was mailed to the next person on the list. Before mailing it off, each person put a dot on the map where they were. The journal was mailed March 31, 2010, and just made its way home July 28, 2011. Accompanying the journal was a little travel gnome, each person was asked to take a picture of the gnome in their town, or house, and email it back. On its first leg, in Germany, the journal was accompanied by a mini-writing journal (created by SkyTimes) called the Traveling Gnome Diary, and people wrote in the first person from the gnome's point of view about the art and their trip. People included pictures, and writing.On the second leg, in Ireland, Ines added footprints and a beautiful bag that accompanied the gnome. Each contributor was asked to take a carved pebble from the Irish shore. You can read about individual journal entries through this tag: traveling journal.

A second journal was started a few months later, but was lost in the mail.

about the contributors.
The contributors to the traveling journal include: Angie, Skytimes, Ines, Jess, Andrea, ANg, Kara Jones, aka Mother Henna, Tina, Holly, Katrina, Amy McCarter, Audrey, Noah, Michelle White, Naomi, slh, Jill, Carly Brooks, Sally, Julie Cozens and Soph.


  1. Heartbreaking to see all that love and pain together in one place, but beautiful too. I'm sorry I didn't get to take part. x

  2. Even though I was lucky enough to get this on the final leg and see all of this amazing work in the flesh, it was still amazing to see it compiled again like this.
    Moving beyond words.
    Thank you, Angie.

  3. The journal was such an amazing and powerful project, and I'm glad I got to be a part of it. Thank you for putting this together for us to see it in it's entirety Angie. Thank you.

  4. Still sitting in the office, hence saving the video for later when I can bawl in peace. It was my turn right in the beginning, so most of the pages were still empty. Can't wait to watch. The journal and the gnome have had a helluva ride across the globe... I would LOVE to read the diary about the gnome's adventures. (Guess I should save that for my blm-RTW-trip, hehe.)

    Much love, mama of all traveling gnomes.

  5. In some ways I enjoyed the Gnome's journal more. He was a lot of fun! xx

  6. WOW. Angie- so beautiful.


  7. Wow. It's just beautiful and powerful. So glad to have been a part of it.
    Also interested in the further escapades of the gnome :)

  8. I love it. Im glad to be able to see the journal all together and to have taken part in it.

  9. Beautiful! Amazing and so lovely! Thanks so much Angie for putting it all together. I'm honored to be part of this project.

  10. WOW. I feel as if I have been in the presence of something very sacred and special. Such beauty and love for our babies.

    Thank you Angie for beginning and co-ordinating this project. I am sorry I didn't get to participate.


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