Monday, July 11, 2011

Reflection, Jill

The Glass Baby
by Jill

I wake one morning
Aware of molten glass
Pouring into me.
It burns and the pain makes me cry.
But my tears don't cool the fire
So I grit my teeth and reach down.
I pull and push until a shape is formed -
A tiny glass child.
I look at my hands, burnt and bloodstained,
And I fold them over my belly
To protect the fragile life within.
Until suddenly, my little glass boy floats.
I look inside and see his sister.
She is rocking him and crying tears of joy.
Her tears surround him in a warm, wet bath.
He floats, protected and happy,
My tiny man.
Her tears reflect in the glass of his limbs
And Rainbows burst from my womb.
Her tears, my broken hands, his rainbow
Surround him on our journey
'Til he bursts forth in a gush of her tears and my blood.
I recognise his newborn cry
As a call of goodbye to his womb mate
His newborn limbs flailing a wave
To his loving sister,
Who smiles and kisses his head,
Before wrapping herself in our rainbows
And tucking herself back into my heart.


about the piece.
"I've been reading through all the posts from the "Where are we right now?" project and it has lead me to reflect on my own relationship with my daughter and my grief. I have felt distant from all things babylost recently and it has been valuable for me to re-connect. I was drawn back to these two pieces, both created in the first year of my grief, to remind me that I carry my daughter and her loss with me always, in all situations - not matter how far down the path I travel." -Jill
about the artist.Jill's third child (her second daughter), Emma, died during labour at 40 weeks on 14th October 2008. She blogs about her beautiful girl and her journey without her at Only a Whisper.


  1. Incredibly powerful and moving, Jill. The Right Where I am Project has really moved me as well. Glad it has inspired you to share your work here.

  2. Oh Jill.

    I love that this is so beautifully backwards, seeing what you have now with Emma in it. I seem to still be stuck at seeing gaps in what I do have.

    Well done. I've been too fragile to read round that loop of posts but one day I will.

  3. Powerful. Brought a tear to my eye and that is rare for written words.

  4. I'm so sorry that I'm late to see this Jill. However, it is amazing! You will always carry your Emma with you. I also love the connection between her and her brother. (((hugs)))


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