Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Giraffe for Thomas, Louise.

Giraffe for Thomas.


about the piece.
Our son Thomas was born at sleeping at just 20 weeks. I really wanted Thomas to take something I had made with him and so I crocheted this little giraffe for him the night before his funeral. I was still sewing bits on in the car. At first I was quite distressed that he wasn't finished but someone gently pointed out that neither was Thomas. I chose a giraffe because we had planned to decorate the nursery with them. We're hoping that we can continue the theme with any future children. -Louise

about the artist.
I'm 38 years old and Thomas was my first child, we have been trying for over six years. My partner and I 'suffer' social infertility and have had to rely on the kindness of donors in our hope to have a child. I have continued to make little crochet animals as it helps me feel closer to my son. I never know who they're for until I'm finished. I like to think Thomas is choosing for me. - Louise


  1. Beautiful, Louise. I wish you so much luck in bringing a living child in to this world.

  2. What an adorable giraffe! I love giraffes for children, I am reminded of how they evolved to have such long necks. To me it parallels how our children change and grow and help us to change and grow in the process. Though Thomas earned his wings, I am sure his life has caused an beautiful evolution inside you. Thank for sharing this gift with us! HUGS!


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