Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hope Colored Pink, Holly .

Hope Colored Pink.


about the piece
Spring is a time of renewal. Life springs forth from that which looked dead for so long. We have a weeping cherry tree that has been at our house since we moved here. I never cared much for the tree until my daughter died and then the tree became dear to my heart. The weeping branches reminding me of my own weeping. Every spring I look forward to the beautiful pink flowers that grow from the branches and every year it gives me joy and a hope colored pink. - Holly

about the artist.

Holly describes her daughter and her journey, "My husband and I found out on December 15, 2008 when I was around 22 weeks pregnant that our daughter, Carleigh McKenna, wasn't going to live. She was diagnosed with a fatal neural tube defect called anencephaly. It was devastating. I carried our daughter to term and we made the most of the time we had left with our daughter. Carleigh was born still on March 28, 2009." Holly blogs at Caring for Carleigh.


  1. Beautiful, Holly-girl. I love the symbolism of spring and all the life springing forth from the dead winter. Your picture of this weeping tree is such a beautiful picture of grief...and hope. Life springing forth from death.

  2. I love both the photo as well as your meaning behind it! There are so many thing in each season that remind me of my grief too.

  3. Love the photo and the reason you like the tree so.


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