Monday, April 18, 2011

Community Poem XIII - Water

By: The Community

Dry lips and starved heart

Moistened and fed by my tears

I baptize the forehead with my tears, cross myself,

A ripple of grief soaks the small, still form

You were baptized in death, holy water sprinkled over your still body in my heavy arms

From the blessing on your tiny chest, ripples rose into waves--a tidal deluge of guilt and love and God

This invisible roller coaster of in-comprehendible pain saturates the expansive abyss of grief within my soul.

These wild, violent undercurrents drench, rip, flood and flow to incessantly cut their bottomless gullies.

Deaths intimate bond permeates, dehydrates,

Grief delegates life, playacting proxy navigates the ceaseless stream


about this piece.
This months theme was water, contributors were asked to write two lines of prose exploring their reflections on water and grief. I posted two lists of words and the contributors were asked to use one of the words from each list in each line of their prose.

about the contributors.
Each person created one stanza, in this order the authors are, Kara, Angie, Crystal, Janice and Julie.


  1. Wow Julie what a great composition, x

  2. Thanks for your contributions and comments. I am so humbled and moved by everything that I am receiving. There is certainly power in this community's art.

    If you are planning to send some handwritten circles to me please send them ASAP. Even if they didn't get submitted to the poetry challenge please don't feel that your art will not be accepted. Also if you want to contribute but don't feel that poetry is your thing you could send words hand written into circles, even the one word written over and over would be very powerful. To contribute please send me a scan or photo to the email address stilllife365days(at)

  3. this turned out beautifully, Julie. Thanks for putting it together and for a wonderful theme!


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