Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Cautiously Optimistic, Ceil Drucker.

Cautiously Optimistic.
Ceil Drucker.


about this piece.
I was cleaning the slip-cover on the sofa the other day and found a blue snappie, one of those diaper holder things- it made me think about all those beautiful diapers I so excitedly purchased last spring awaiting Kai's arrival, and how they were stored in a cardboard box in a dark room now. I thought "I should do a pregnancy test" and so I did- getting a positive result. I still don't really believe it, but 7 tests later, I guess its real for now. I keep the tests on my altar right now and feel cautiously optimistic. - Ceil

about the artist.
Ceil is among other things, a writer who seldom writes and now a mother who doesn't get to mother. She is riding the waves after the loss of her son Kai on his due date, in mid June.

Ceil's last submission to still life 365 was Trying Again, so sl365 wishes her a cautiously optimistic congratulations.


  1. Cautiously optimistic congratulations from me also. What lovely news, and a lovely photograph of your news as well.

  2. Wow. Wonderful news, and so glad to see it here.

  3. Ohhh, this gave me goosebumps! Wishing you all the best!

  4. Wonderful news!! People in the regular world don't get the cautious part.. I was cautiously optimistic (with a touch of pessimism) until they put that breathing crying baby in my arms!! Congratulations!!

  5. Wonderful news, wishing you loads of love. The photo is lovely. x

  6. It must have been a sign (your last submission). Good for you Ceil. Cautiously saying Hooray along with everyone else.

  7. Your posting struck the middle of my heart, very powerfully. Keep your heart open Ceil and enjoy the growth of this new little being that obviously chose your family.

  8. Oh Ceil...I am cautiously, optimistically happy for you.

  9. Ceil! (think of that as the world's most cautious exclamation point)

    Hoping with fingers tightly crossed x

  10. I love the photo. It shows how we don't take things for granted in the baby department anymore. Yet hope. And beautiful news!


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