Wednesday, February 16, 2011

November Hope's First Outfit, Kami

November Hope's First Outfit.
Knitting and Sewing Project.


about the piece.
November Hope's 1st outfit that she will never get to wear. They were the first items i knitted when i found out i was pregnant. The blanket they are laying on was the first sewing project for my first or second miscarriage. - Kami

about the artist.
Kami is a stay at home mother, who describes her journey, "I have had three miscarriages. I have two children. My last loss really hit me hard, it took a little over three years to get pregnant and then to just have it taken away was devastating. I had a feeling that the baby would had been a girl and November because that was the month we had the miscarriage and Hope because that pregnancy was full of Hope." Kami blogs at So. Cali Mommy Sewing & Knitting Blog  and Dreaming of an Unassisted Birth


  1. Very poignant.

    I have things from my pregnancies that I couldn't part with, and so they're boxed away because I couldn't keep seeing them all the time anymore. They are some of the most powerful things I own. My half crocheted baby blanket from my second one if the one that really gets me, because it was a process that ended with the pregnancy.

    Thank you for sharing.

  2. I have a outfit that i had started after that outfit sitting on the needles that i don't think i can bring myself to finish. The loss also got to me since a month after i found out a relative's 17yr old daughter found out she was pregnant when i was loosing November. I still can't believe that 3months have already passed since loosing her.

  3. I love you Kami!!!

    Your Mom!!!


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