Monday, December 20, 2010

Untitled by Ailsa

by Ailsa

I'm sorry my babies, hear my heart cry.
Believe me when I say I didn't want you to die.
There's no excuses, there's nothing I can say.
Please someone help me to take the pain away.
I was just a child in body, mind and soul.
I watched them take your lives and leave a balck hole.
Things are complicated and justice will never be done,
but I hope you know that I am still your Mum.
Years have passed by, that doesn't matter to me.
I know one day we'll be together again, you'll see.
Until that day, I have to say farewell,
I have to retreat out of this dark firey hell.
I need to keep living, so the balck hole, I will mend.
My grief lies under the stiches now, my grief has come to an end.

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