Saturday, December 25, 2010

Laura's Candle, Louise.

Laura's Candle.


about the image.
There is a picture of Laura on our mantelpiece. Last year, during advent each of the kids got a little wooden character - an angel, a reindeer and a Santa Claus. On their own, they decided to arrange these Christmas characters around Laura's picture to include her in the festivities. This image comes from that time - the reindeer and Santa are off stage, a little to the right, keeping watch. Merry Christmas, little one. -Louise.

about the contributor.
Louise is a mother, an artist, a writer from the south of Ireland. Laura was her fourth child, a wonderful gift she had hardly dared hope for. She was born in May 2009, her time on earth already passed. Louise is married to Kieran. Together they are very busy parenting their three living children as they try and come to terms with life without Laura.

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