Wednesday, November 24, 2010

my new mantra, Rachel.

my new mantra
watercolor  & pen


about the piece.
Now that I'm 10 months out from Lyra's death, I think people expect me to have mostly good days, and be back to normal. But my grief has not worked that way. One day can be good, and the next I feel like I'm kicked back to the ground. Some days when my grief or worry feels really overwhelming, I just have to keep telling myself to take a day at a time...or an hour at a time even.

about the artist.
Rachel lives in Kansas with her husband of four years and a gray cat. They lost their first child, Lyra, at 30 weeks due to placental abruption on December 18, 2009. Rachel maintains a blog called Curls O Fred.


  1. I know I always say this, but just so, so amazing. You can put onto paper what so many of us are feeling. it is a true gift. just beautiful, and telling, and true. xx

  2. Wonderful. Grief definitely doesn't happen on a continuum. All the sudden ups and downs can come so unexpectedly.

  3. I love this spread. The colors and emotions of each day and the mantra... wonderful

  4. Definitely portrays my life of grief very well. Its a beautiful piece.

  5. A magnificently clear depiction of the experience I also go through. It was recently explained to me that grief is like an expanding spiral, so know that your experience is 100% normal. I am so sorry that Lyra is not with you in the form you expected, but her energy is still with you.


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