Friday, November 26, 2010

George Ellsworth, Brianna.

George Ellsworth.


about the piece.

Even though I have three photographs of George after he was born and died, the ones I keep going back to look at when I want to see him are the ultrasound images. I think it is because when I look at those images I remember that once upon a time he was alive and healthy. I just wish I had more of them, which is why I decided to paint my own version of my favorite of those ultrasound images. He looks so much like his father in this one that when I look at it I can imagine what he would have looked like as a little boy.--Brianna

about the artist.
Brianna lives with her husband in their tiny apartment in Los Angeles. Together they are missing their son, George, who died at 29 weeks on March 31, 2010. Brianna blogs about her grief and finding her path through life again at Daily Amos.


  1. This is gorgeous. Love the colours.
    I find Hope's ultrasound photos too heartbreaking, funnily enough. I could look at her photos all day (and she's dead in all of them) but the ultrasound ones are too much and are packed away in a box. To think she was alive and perfectly well in all of those pics just about destroys me. I'm glad you can enjoy these lovely memories when looking at your own.
    Thanks so much for sharing your piece here today.
    Remembering George.

  2. This is a beautiful painting. The colors and drips.... lovely and moving.

  3. I love this. I cry every time I look at our daughter's ultrasound pictures. They are the only pictures I have of here where she isn't plastered with life-sustaining medical equipment. I had a 3-d ultrasound about an hour before she was born by emergency c-section, and she looked so content and happy (and was even smiling.) I'm reduced to tears every time I think about her being ripped from the comfort of my body and being poked and prodded.

  4. Wonderful, wonderful. Oh Brianna. I love this.

  5. Thank you all. I appreciate all your comments.

    Hope's Mama/Lost-for-Words: I am sorry it is difficult to look at your daughters' ultrasound photos. It is heartbreaking to look at them, I know, and think that at one point everything was still ok:( I get it.

  6. Breathtaking Brianna.....

  7. Wow, this is amazing. I like looking at my daughter's US pics because those are the only moments that were captured when she was alive.

  8. beautiful memories and way to connect to that time with george. thanks for sharing.


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