Sunday, November 7, 2010

Community Poem XI: Shadows

by the Community

Cast off the small metal urn,
the darkness grows,
covering the small neighbor boy,
the same age as my grief.

In the corner of my room,
an antiqued bronze cube stands in heavy shade.
Trinkets clutter where there should only be running light.

"I am stepping on your shadow!" she impishly squeals.
"I am trying to resurrect yours," I silently reply.

Evening shadows fall earlier in November-
It's too dark to see the road ahead.


about this piece.
For this month's community poem, each contributor was asked to explore both a literal and figurative shadow in two lines. I broke some of them up in ways that made more sense in this poem. Contributors used shadow imagery to describe something figuratively shadowed in your life.

about the contributors.
The contributors wrote each stanza respectively: Angie, Jessica Davis, Audrey and Danielle.


  1. As always this poem is full of such heartbreaking love and emotion and placed together so beautifully by Angie.

  2. Beautiful work by all who contributed.


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