Saturday, October 23, 2010

Ten Questions: Rituals

Once a month, still life 365 poses ten questions to our readers around the monthly theme. You can choose to answer one, or all ten, or any number in between. You can also use a question as a bouncing off point for a blog post. Then come back here and let us know you took the challenge and answered some questions by entering your name and blog into the Mr. Linky below. That way other readers of still life 365 can connect with your blog and you can connect with their blog. It is kind of a blog circus. Hopefully without the clowns. {{{shivers}}} If you don't have a blog, no worries, leave your question answers in the comment section. And don't forget to go check out the other blogs on this list, leave a comment.

Here are the questions for this month's Ten Questions:

What daily rituals do you perform in memory of your baby?

Do you have a yearly ritual you perform during your child's birthday? If so, what is it?

Has anyone performed a ritual in your child's honor that has been meaningful to you and why?

How does your religion, either of just childhood or adulthood or both, honor death? How was your loss honored?

Do you feel particularly connected to any time of the year to honor your child?

Do any holidays have any important significance to your grief? If so, how?

What are ways in which you perform private rituals for your child? (I mean, talking to him/her in the morning, wishing on a star, or something only you know about, etc.)

Have you felt a connection to other cultures and religions and how they deal with death?

Have you incorporated the religious traditions of another culture into your private ceremonies and rituals for your child?

Does creating art feel like a ritual to you? If so, could you explain it further?


  1. i will mister linky my post when i get a chance tomorrow. tonight i am at work. :)

  2. Thanks so much for giving all of us space and time and heartMaking here, Angie!! Just posted my Ten Answers now and am looking forward to seeing replies from others!

  3. Thanks for including another opportunity for a non-artist like me to participate in Still Life 365.

  4. Every night, as I'm about to get into bed, I stop at my bedside table- I place my hand on the urn, giving my baby boys a squeeze..then I move on to the photograph and brush both their cheeks...good night Mason and Cole


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