Monday, October 25, 2010

A Change in Trajectory, Audrey.

A Change in Trajectory.


about the piece:
One of the first coherent thoughts I had when things started to go wrong was how quickly the trajectory of one's life can change. It was through those eyes that saw this image. I was alone in a hotel room high up and far away when I took this photograph. It is at those times that I most reflect on change, isolation and possibility.  -Audrey

about the photographer.
Audrey is the mother of three. She is raising two and writes at Glutton Button


  1. Can't it just :/

    This is a beautiful photo.

    On the day of my son's funeral, my parents chose to tell me they were separating and my dad immediately left the country. It was one of those utterly staggering days, the kind you expect to wake up from. I just couldn't believe how I could go from happy to sad, so quickly.

    I completely relate to your thought, just completely.

  2. Love the photo- the dark raw colors, the image in it, they work together well.


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