Sunday, September 26, 2010

Ten Questions Sunday: Trees

Once a month, still life 365 poses ten questions to our readers around the monthly theme. You can choose to answer one, or all ten, or any number in between. You can also use a question as a bouncing off point for a blog post. Then come back here and let us know you took the challenge and answered some questions by entering your name and blog into the Mr. Linky below. That way other readers of still life 365 can connect with your blog and you can connect with their blog. It is kind of a blog circus. Hopefully without the clowns. {{{shivers}}} If you don't have a blog, no worries, leave your question answers in the comment section. And don't forget to go check out the other blogs on this list, leave a comment.

Here are the questions for this month's Ten Questions:

1. When you saw the theme of trees for the month of September, what immediately came to your mind?
2. What kinds of words do you associate with trees?
3. Of these words, do you associate any with yourself?
4. Have you been an outdoorsy person throughout your life?
5. How has your relationship with nature changed since your loss(es)?
6. Did you plant a tree or bush in honor of your child?
7. If you have planted a tree for your child, in what ways do you incorporate the tree into your life? If you haven't, what natural images do you associate with your loss? (Do you tend to it? Do you meditate or reflect under it? Do you places flowers by it?)
8. Trees have also been used to represent families. Talk a bit about your own family tree.
9. What are your feelings now about family trees and exploring your own lineage?
10. The rings of trees fascinate me. I remember learning that in hard years, the rings were smaller, or darker than in years of good water. Describe the rings of your tree.


  1. I am looking forward to reading everyone elses blogs and their 10 questions.

  2. Thanks for organizing this, Angie. Can't wait to see all of the responses.

  3. I guess I'm feeling a bit monosyllabic and bitter today. But I did my best. Thanks.

  4. my answers are too short. after reading your blog angie i see what you were saying...maybe next month i'll answer better :)

  5. I have recently begun a grief poetry blog, and had planned to post poems that resonate with this change of season. It causes a really visceral reaction for me. My first daughter was stillborn, and would be five this Halloween. This poem was written two years after. I look forward to looking through these posts.

  6. Now that was an express blogpost from the middle of my work-madness, hence rather short. Can't wait to check out the other ladies posts on the weekend.


  7. It sat in my draft for longer than I'm confortable to admit, but I finally posted it. I've never answered the monthly questions before, but really wanted to do this one.


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