Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Name in the Ground, Franchesca Cox

Name in the Ground.
by Franchesca Cox

I never thought it would be this way
To see her name in the ground
To visit my firstborn in the heat of the day
and see her name like this
Feelings of utter disgust

Something inside just can't see past
That part of me that let her down
Put she's ok today
I know she is
My heart weeps daily for the one that I love
She brought sunshine and love
Smiles and a whole bunch of hurt
When she left this earth.

It wasn't supposed to be like this
She should have buried me
Someday faraway
She should have picked my headstone
And the flowers and funeral arrange
But God had a bigger plan
Still not able to see it clearly

Maybe someday is not that far away
To see my precious one again
Each day feels like an eternity
Stretching my patience and sympathy
Trying my faith and peace of mind
Here I find His hand sufficient

When all inside me has failed
Failed myself
My firstborn
My dreams
My life

Here I find His grace
and love
The sweet comfort down inside
But there are days when I feel alone
Today I saw her name in the ground
Alone and beautiful all the same
It wasn't supposed to be like this

I should have been monogramming her name on pillows or sheets
Blankets or bags
Not on a headstone.
Not like this
Today the emptiness is drowning
This tide of sorrow blinds my sight
And I wait for tomorrow's hope.


about this piece.
It's so strange to read where I was a year ago. This poem was written a little over a year ago, right after Jenna's marker went down. I also drew the images on her marker. --Jenna

about the contributor.
Franchesca's firstborn daughter, Jenna Belle, passed away after 13 days of fighting for her life in the NICU. No diagnosis was ever confirmed, although a genetic disorder was suspected. It is Franchesca's hope that Jenna's short visit to our world will make a difference in someone else's life forever. Franchesca maintains a blog about her experience at Handprints from Heaven. She also helps bereaved families by creating a Hope Collage of their child's name. Franchesca also has an Etsy shop Small Bird Studio where she sells her incredible work, and a blog where she talks about her website and blog design work, Small Bird Studio.


  1. So sorry mama. Shedding tears along with you for dear little Jenna Belle. <3

  2. {{HUGS}} Remembering your Jenna with you. Always in my heart.


  3. I have been procrastinating the last details of my daughter's gravestone...claiming to be fussing over exactly what fonts to be set in the stone, but mostly fearing one more symbol of finality. Thank you for your poem.

  4. Thanks for sharing Franchesca. It's beautiful.

  5. ....franchesca...thank you for sharing jenna belle with all of us...what a haunting poem...of a mother's undying, unconditional are very talented


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