Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dragonfly Necklace, Sophie.

Dragonfly Necklace.


about this piece.
Sophie describes this piece, "I made this necklace sometime last year for my babylost mama friend Anna from 'A Garden For Butterflies'.  We had shared a significant part of our journey together and I thought about her baby Toren often.   My Jordan's symbol is a dragonfly and Toren's is butterflies, so when I found them represented in beads I bought them and settled down one afternoon to make this necklace.   I designed and rethreaded this necklace over and over as I thought about our journey together and our babies.  When I was finished, I wrapped it in some special gift wrap and tied it with a pink ribbon covered in dragonflies and sent this gift to Anna.

"Before I had my children, I worked full time in a bead store making jewelery and taught others how to make jewelry.  I heard over and over again from customers what good therapy it was to thread beads.  They were right. It felt good to make something that represented our babes and then to share it. I hope to do more.  Thank you for letting me share this, Anna, and for being such a lovely, supportive friend. xx"

about the contributor.
Sophie's daughter Jordan was born very ill and died five and half months later after a long battle.   Her story is told in Faraday's Garden . She is remembered by her parents, Aaron and Sophie and her brothers Caelan and Jasper.


  1. Its lovely Sophie. I have a dragonfly necklace too (not a beautifully handmade one though) and I often think of Jordan when I wear it.

  2. Lovely, Soph. I will always think of Jordan when I see a dragonfly.

  3. It's beautiful and the story behind its creation is too.

  4. Thank you for sharing your art. Both the work and the story are inspirational to me.

  5. It's beautiful. Lovely color and I'm glad you shared.

  6. I always think of Sophie and precious Jordan when I see a dragonfly. It's so special that dragonflies, butterflies, and so much more (sunsets, falling leaves, laughter...) have become reminders of the dear friends I have made and the unending love they have for their children.

    I love this necklace, thank you Sophie :)


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