Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Grief Flows, Eliza

Grief Flows
by Eliza

Grief flows,
Abhorrent to see,
Bitter in my mouth.
Rage fills me,
Impotence revealed.
Escape is impossible;
Loss is forever my companion.

Rivers of tears
Overwhelming, inopportune.
Sighs of loneliness, echoes of


about the poem.
Eliza talks about her work, "Written after being surprised in my office, twice.  First by a sudden flow of tears I couldn't prevent and second by the coworker who happened upon me by accident.  That's how it is sometimes, a wave catches you by surprise.  I thought I needed to collect myself but also find a way to release this sudden wave of sadness.

"I wrote down my son's name and the rest flowed from there."

about the poet.
Eliza lost her first child, Gabriel, to premature birth caused by undiagnosed cervical damage.  A year later, she's still piecing life back together and figuring out the balance between happy and sad.  Eliza moderates the discussion boards at Glow in the Woods and writes, as time permits, on her blog Cotton Socks.

Remembering Gabriel on his first birthday.


  1. Remembering him today with you (*hugs*)

    This piece is so powerful, you can really feel it.

  2. Remembering Gabriel today with so much love.

  3. Thinking of you and your sweet boy on his first birthday.

    Your words are moving, powerful and full of aching love.

  4. Remembering Gabriel with you today Eliza.

    I'm sorry that you were taken by surprise at work but glad you found such a beautiful way to release your sadness. xo

  5. this made me cry. baby death leaves such a void.
    poetically beautiful


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