Sunday, July 4, 2010

Words, Rachel Simon

by Rachel Simon

Words fail me
I’m so disappointed in them
They cannot describe
The depths of my sorrow
Which from my heart stems

Everyday I must face
My grief and the world
While armed with no words
To make others understand
Truth and reality unfurled

Isolated from other mothers
I will always be
Stripped naked of my naïveté
Full of fear and doubt
Because the future I cannot foresee

Broken-hearted, empty-souled
Mind and body ravaged
This is now the life I lead
With no language to bear witness
My happiness and hope savaged

-Your mommy


about the poet.
Rachel Simon lost her daughter Shiloh to an umbilical cord accident in October 2008. She created a website in memory of Shiloh: In Memory of our Daughter, and maintains a blog called Our Healing Journey.


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