Saturday, July 24, 2010

My Mom is a Survivor, Laura

My Mom is a Survivor
By Laura

My mom is a survivor
She's left with this pain
She no longer has me to hold
She smiles through all the rain

My mom is a survivor
She fought it through
My mom is now here
With both me and you

My mom is a survivor
She smile and sings
Praise of the hope and happiness
I will always bring

My mom was a survivor she tried and tried
You took her from me
You stole and lied

All moms are survivors
Not a single story alike
You bring us all together and help us fight

Fight for a cure
Fight for happiness
Fight for hope
Fight for bliss

Help us with wings shine our light
My mom is a survivor help her fight


about the poet.
Laura blogs about her journey at My World.

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