Saturday, July 17, 2010

Jordan's Fairy Wings, Soph

Jordan's Fairy Wings.
Digital Art.


about the piece.
Soph describes this piece, "I did these pieces on Scrapblog.  It was just something I felt the need to do.   The wings are dragonflies, but I don't think I had made that connection to Jordan yet.  I was more interested in creating fairy wings."

about the contributor.
Sophie's daughter, Jordan, died at five and a half months after a long and complex battle. Sophie describes her, "She was my little fairy angel and my husband's little princess." Sophie lives in Melbourne with her husband and two sons. Jordan's life and our grief is blogged about at Faraday's Garden.


  1. Gorgeous Soph. Can't look at a dragonfly and not think of Jordan. I see them all the time.

  2. They are beautiful pieces Sophie, and so is Jordan.


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