Sunday, July 11, 2010

I Love Noah, Caitlin.

I Love Noah.


about the piece.
Amanda describes this piece, "My four and a half year old daughter, Caitlin, did this painting on the estimated due date of our miscarried baby (we named Noah Joel) on October 24, 2008.
"I stayed home from work on that date and picked her up from Montessori and she asked me why I didn't have 'work clothes' on.  I told her I'd had the day off from work.  She asked me why and I told her that I wanted to have the day off to remember Noah.  She told me she was sorry and when we got home she painted me the picture I attached.  It has 10 lines above the 'I Love Noah' part.  She said the 10 lines were for the 10 'months' he spent with us in my tummy.  He of course did not live for 10 months.  He went to heaven only after almost 10 weeks (9 and a half weeks) in my womb.  But to her at that time, weeks and months were the same.  And, I never told her how long he was with us.  How did she know to draw 10 lines?  The innocence and insightfulness of a child will never cease to amaze me.  Caitlin was heartbroken to learn of her younger brother's passing.  Some days I think she might have taken it harder than me (and I was devastated and will never truly get over my loss).
"I published Caitlin's painting and talked about in this post on my blog." 
about the contributors.
Amanda talks about her son, "We lost Noah Joel Hoyt on March 26, 2008.  His name means rest; peace & The Lord is God.  He will never be forgotten." Amanda maintains a blog called the Hoyt family.



  1. What a sweet way to remember Noah. Caitlin has a very tender heart, and I'm glad you both got to spend that time together honoring him. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Beautiful! What a sweet little girl, Amanda. :) She is very insightful, too.


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