Thursday, July 1, 2010

Community Poem VII: What We Lost

What We Lost
by the Community

When you died I lost
purpose, meaning, direction,
the plans for my life.

For a while, I lost the ability to concentrate on anything
except the enormity of what I lost,
which meant I misplaced my keys a lot.

Gone are the moments of perfect happiness.
Gone are the moments of stillness and quiet peace.

I lost my belief that bad things happen to others, not me.
Friends: unknowingly abandon and shame.

I lost my innocence
and my sense
of self
when I lost you.

I lost my body.
Stillness birthed and my body became foreign
the womb of doom
the birth of death
the miracle of life turned horrific
Is regaining respect for this physical form possible?

I've been disabused;
The universe cares nothing
for my life's balance.


about the piece.
This month's community poem is about all our losses. Contributors were asked to respond to the title, "What We Lost." Each person was asked to write about one thing they lost after the death of their child. Style and format was up to the individual's discretion.

about the contributors.
Contributors by their on-line pseudonym or real life name include: Jennifer (Mum to Eva), Eliza, Rachel, Jane, Megan, Erika P., Audrey, AnnaMarie and Angie.


  1. Oh I'm sorry I missed this one. I had it on my list "to do". It is wonderful. Such a great mix of thoughts and styles. I nodded along to all of this.

  2. Great poem. I thought I had sent something...well I did but I sent it to the wrong address. lol. I forgot to add days in the email...oh well.

  3. Wow - I wasn't sure how this was going to come together, but I think it is fantastic!

  4. Community poem day is one of my favorites each month. I love how the collaborative pieces show both our commonalities as well the nuances of our individual experiences.

    Oh, and Betty, I did exactly the same thing earlier in the year. Somebody got a very freaky valentine!

  5. This came together so well- it's absolutely stunning. Perfect.

  6. I'll mimic Audrey in saying I look forward to the collaborative community project days.

    It turned out very well. Everything is so very well put.

  7. I love to see how the community contributes and how Angie puts it all together. Lovely poem. Wonderful job everyone.

  8. I really like how the poem turned out, great job putting all of the different parts of the poem together Angie!


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