Saturday, June 26, 2010

Wilted, Kristin.



about this piece.
Kristin describes her photograph, "Gerber daisies are such happy flowers. They were the flowers we had at our wedding. When this flower was alive, it reminded me of what I used to before Stevie died. The other day I walked into the kitchen and saw our happy daisy had died, overnight. It occurred to that me and that dead daisy are one and the same. We went from happy and alive to sad and defeated, overnight. "

about the contributor.
Kristin describes herself, "I am five and a half weeks out from the unexpected death of our first child, a little girl who we named Stevie Joy (after my dad), when I was 26 weeks pregnant. My blog Dear Stevie started as a journal to document my pregnancy and has turned into a journal to document this journey we're on now--through grief and hopefully eventual healing"


  1. Oh Kristin, what a powerful, strong image. Absolutely heartbreaking too.

  2. I often see imagery in wilting flowers too which display aspects of my emotional journey through grief.

  3. Kristin - so sorry for your loss - I too use imagery from flowers to understand my grief, in my case roses.

  4. I've always loved that picture (I remember when you first posted it in your blog)- gerber daisies are a flower that is special to us- we got a bunch of beautiful ones in the hospital after losing V and my husband broke down crying after touching the petals of one and realizing the petals felt like V's cheeks.

    Now we keep them all over the house as a memorial. <3


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