Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I Wrote Your Name, Katrina

I Wrote Your Name
By Katrina
In Memory of Dylan Gabriel

I wrote your name in the sand,
but the waves washed it away.

I wrote your name in the clouds,
but the wind blew it away.

I wrote your name on the sidewalk,
but the rain drizzled it away.

I wrote your name on a cake,
but the dog ate it away.

I wrote your name on paper,
but it somehow got thrown away.

You wrote your name on our hearts,
where it will never go away.


about this piece.
In Katrina's words, "I wrote this poem after stumbling across Carly's To Write Their Names In the Sand for the first time. It was around five months after Dylan's death, and I truly had no idea that this babyloss blogworld existed. It's always a blessing to see your child's name and what Carly did for me, and continues to do for so many others was beyond measure. But I also felt that even if Dylan's name were never to be written again (which is highly unlikely), it could never take away from the impact that he left on my heart."

about the contributor.
katrina talks about her son, "At 20 weeks, Dylan was diagnosed with Hypoplastic Right Heart Syndrome. Justin and I went through the entire pregnancy knowing that Dylan was going to need three major surgeries after birth. What we weren't prepared for was that Dylan would be born at 37 weeks on June 11, 2008, with a single (and failing) kidney and a laundry list of other birth defects. He was classified as a VACTERL baby, and the doctors were pessimistic about his chances of survival. He was too small for any kind of dialysis or transplant, and the failing kidney would make surviving multiple heart surgeries nearly impossible. We were advised to "let nature take it's course". He spent his 6 days of life in the hospital, and we never left his side. His broken heart has broken ours forever."

Katrina writes about her journey at In Dylan's Memory.


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