Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Travel Journal Spread, Skytimes

Spread for the Traveling Journal.
Mixed Media.


about this piece.
Skytimes describes her journal spread in this excerpt from her blog post:

"Basically what my spread is about… light and darkness in times of grief. Naturally, I could think of dozens of words to write on the dark side and it took me a long time to settle on a handful of positive words for the bright side.

"After Sky died, I stood in front of a big mountain of rubbish, scattered pieces, broken bits, leftover dreams and a whole lot of obstacles. It took me many months of stumbling through the dark and slowly picking up the pieces that were left from what was (to become) my life. And so I slowly start rebuilding and rearranging it. Recycle and reuse my life. What other choice did I have? After all, there still is LIFE, even though it doesn‘t seem live-worthy in the beginning. It took me an awfully long time to recognize beauty after learning that I will never see my son breathe. But eventually I could see glimpses of it again."

Used materials:

  • Paper-scraps (wrapping paper from flowers, presents)
  • Wooden veneers and mirror-plates
  • Partly finished with decoupage glue (bright side)
  • Partly left pure as is (dark side)
about the artist.
Skytimes is a graphic artist and designer. Her son Sky died on August, 14th, 2007 and was born sleeping 5 days later on August, 19th 2007, at 33 weeks. She maintains a blog at Skytimes.


  1. Ooh, so gorgeous! Can't wait to see it in person! x

  2. I can't wait to see it either! Lovely job.


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