Monday, May 31, 2010

Together, Kim

Oil Pastels.


about this piece.
Kim talks about Together, "For this piece, I experimented with using two pastels together and really liked the result.  I have trouble separating myself from my daughter—we are forever together, sometimes intersecting and sometimes running in parallel.  This piece helped me define our relationship both before and after her death." 

about the artist.
In 2009, Kim’s 16-month old daughter and only child, Bridget, died from complications related to a genetically inherited kidney disease. Kim participates in a local art therapy program for the bereaved and has discovered art as a way to better understand herself, make peace with her grief, and spend time with her daughter.


  1. wonderful piece. we are are children as they are us, woven and tangled up together. thanks for sharing.

  2. It looks to me like always together, yet always separate (which is how it often feels).


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