Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Jasper's Bracelet, Jenni

Jasper's Bracelet.


about the piece.
Jenni describes her piece, "This was my bracelet of magical thinking. Early in my pregnancy with Angel Mae, I really thought she was a boy. We had danger signs all through the first trimester, but we were determined to hope for the best, and I got very into researching names, especially boy names. "Jasper" was on my early list. Jasper is also a stone that supposedly conveys the metaphysical properties of balance, protection, and determination. I made this bracelet from tiny jasper beads and thread. I was trying to help myself think positive and feel protected. I wore it for a couple of days, and then felt stupid and took it off. I think that was the end of my pregnancy innocence - realizing there was almost nothing I could do to protect the baby or to change the course of the pregnancy. After I delivered her, I hid the bracelet from myself - I couldn't bear to look at it, and I couldn't have felt less protected. It resurfaced recently, and I've placed it on my little girl's altar. It no longer holds such a charge of failure to me, but simply represents her mommy's very best intentions."

about the contributor.
Jenni's daughter, Angel Mae, was delivered prematurely at 20 weeks on February 28, 2009. She writes about her grief journey, and about adventures in step-mothering, at Demeter's Feet.


  1. Jenni, I just love this bracelet and the story behind it. The way that the meaning of this bracelet has changed with time. I'm so glad that you now feel it represents your best intentions rather than your failure. x

  2. I'm glad this bracelet doesn't hold the charge of failure for you anymore. Time is funny that way. Thankyou for sharing.

  3. a beautiful bracelet, and interesting how it's meaning has changed. I find myself changing my feelings about certain things as time goes by too.x

  4. The bracelet is lovely, thank you for sharing the story behind it. "realizing there was almost nothing I could do to protect the baby or to change the course of the pregnancy" It's a hard realization.


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