Saturday, May 15, 2010

Iris Hapa-Zome, Jess

Iris Hapa-Zome


about this piece.
Jess describes this piece, "Hapa-zome is a bashing technique used to dye fabric with leaves and petals. I turned my dyed fabric into bunting to decorate Iris' tree on her birthday."

about the contributor.
Jess lives in Birmingham, United Kingdom, with her husband David and children Ava and Moe. Jess' second daughter Iris was stillborn May 2008. For work, Jess creates and facilitates drama-based communication and cultural programmes for large organisations. She also owns a family business with her husband: an artisan cheese shop and deli called Capeling and Co. She maintains a blog called After Iris. Jess has begun a blog, After Iris Reads Aloud, where she makes voice recordings of a favorite poem or meaningful piece of writing in the memory of a loved one. 

Remembering Iris today on her second birthday.


  1. So beautiful, Jess. What a gorgeous thing to do for Iris' birthday.
    We love you, Jess.
    We love you, Iris.

  2. What a lovely idea and beautiful way to remember iris on her birthday.

  3. Jess, this is beautiful, and such a lovely idea for Iris' birthday. x

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  5. Jess, I love everything about this piece -- from the idea to the technique to the photos you took. What a brilliant way to celebrate Iris. Remembering your family today.

  6. very beautiful bunting. I love bunting, this one is extra special though for a very special birthday. Happy birthday Iris.


  7. Beautiful photo. I really want to try this technique. Just so lovely.

  8. jess - i love this. so beautiful. xoxo


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