Monday, April 5, 2010

The Womb Book, Kara L.C. Jones

The Womb Book.
Kara L.C. Jones
Mixed Media and accompanying video explaining the technique and piece.


about this piece.
Kara sent me this amazing video and the accompanying images of the Womb Book. This handmade book was created from recycled produce crate, cracker box, string, rice paper, acrylic paint, and done in a series of seven. The books were displayed in an art show, opening night being two hours long. The conservative statistics of stillbirth in the U.S. show that approximately seven babies die every two hours of every day of every year in the U.S. alone. The seven books were displayed on opening night as representation of the seven babies who would die while we all looked at art.

about the artist.
Kara is the Radical Creative behind all things In 1999, after the death of their son Dakota, Kara and her partner Hawk co-founded Kota Press (KOTA: Knowing Ourselves Thru Art), an expressive arts outreach. Through their KOTA work and in partnership with the MISS Foundation, they have been mentoring other bereaved parents and caregivers around the world, offering creative perspectives on learning to life again after loss. As a coach to private clients, Kara facilitates the exploration of grief and creativity using many tools for alternative mind, body, spiritual health. Some of her specialties include henna art, heART-making, co-active coaching, Reiki, Tapping, asking the answerable questions and more. Kara keeps a radical creativity blog at Mother HennaKota Loss & Compassion Blog. Kara has been featured three times on still life 365 with her scrapbook page for her son Dakota, her poem Take-out Order, and her poem the After Life.


  1. Kara... I'm without words. Amazing.

    P.S. Lovely to hear your voice x

  2. that is amazing. it floors me that 7 babies die every hour just in the US. how terrible.

  3. Thanks much After Iris, Liz, and Another Dreamer. Means a lot to me to have the video debut here at still life 365! Yes, Liz, it is a stunning statistic, isn't it? I keep sharing The Womb Book story because that stat is still real all these years later! Thanks much for watching everyone!

  4. I am honoured to own one of these. And yes it is deeply cherished. Its so beautiful!!

  5. I finally got some time to sit down and watch the video. It is a very tangible image for something so difficult to work through. The string wrapped around the baby really got to me. So glad you've shared the other books with fellow families, and here with us.

  6. Thanks so much, Curls O Fred. Yes, the string was the poignant part of the creation for me, too. It was a way of working thru the visuals I had of our son's wrapped cord. Thanks much for watching...xo k-


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