Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Mid-Month Challenge: April

April's Community Poem was an exploration in fortune telling and divination through bibliomancy. Essentially, we took someone else's words out of context and divined wisdom from them. For people who have suffered through stillbirth, miscarriage, infertility and neonatal loss, we constantly face platitudes, words spoken without thinking, social gaffes and a whole host of other hurtful comments. They sting us at our most vulnerable times and linger for a very long time. I still hear the echo of a friend saying I was jealous of her children. For April's Mid-month Challenge, let's purposely take things out of context and make something meaningful from some else's words. You can use a particular glib turn of phrase spoken by a cashier. An unkind comment someone said to you during your grief. A comment from an old friend. You can use some bibliomancy techniques by pulling a quote from a book unrelated to grief or loss. Really, the world of words is yours.

What you do with that quote is your own choice. You can make a painting, or collage from it. Or write a poem. You can take a photograph and entitle it with the out of context quote. Just use the quote in an unexpected way.

As always, please email your submission to stillife365days (at) gmail (dot) com. Use April Mid-Month Challenge in the subject line. Please get your submissions in before April 14th. Submissions will be published April 15th. If you have any questions about this challenge, please address it in the comment section of this post. I will address it there, so others are privy to clearer instructions. Have fun.

PS. Sorry. I thought this published on this first, but apparently, I saved it as a draft. Apologies for the late posting of the challenge. XO

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